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Attractions in Detroit

Henry Ford Museum
The Henry Ford Museum is one place you will not want to miss out when you are in Detroit. The exhibits and artifacts in this museum mostly have to do with cars and vehicles, but there are also collections featured that are about the evolution of America. Some of the most popular exhibits in this museum include Made in America, Rosa Park Bus, John F. Kennedy Limousine, Heroes of the Sky and Dymaxion. Both adults and children can learn a thing or two at the Henry Ford Museum. 

Detroit Zoo
If you like animals, you will want to visit the Detroit Zoo. Located on 125 acres, this zoo features almost 7,000 different animals, so you are sure to see an animal that you like. Some of the exhibits you will not want to miss out on include the Reptile House, Butterfly and Hummingbird Garden, Giraffe House and Arctic Ring of Life. As you are walking to each exhibit, you can admire all the beautiful tress, shrubs and flowering plants in the zoo. When you get hungry, stop at the Arctic Food Court for a bite to eat. 

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area
The Pontiac Lake Recreation Area is the perfect place to go with your family on a warm and sunny day. The beach area is almost a mile long, giving you plenty of space to sunbathe and build sandcastles. The water is deep enough for swimming, so make sure to bring your swimsuit. You can do plenty of other activities at this recreation area including playing volleyball, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. When you need a break from doing activities, have a seat in the grass and eat a picnic lunch.

Morley Candy Factory Tour
If you have a sweet tooth, you must definitely take a tour at the Morley Candy Factory. During this free tour, you will get a chance to see how the candy is made. It is definitely interesting to see how your favorite candies are created. At the end of the tour, you will get to visit the candy store, which includes an ice-cream counter.